Chiropractic Care

This is a 15 minute slot. When reserving your spot please book the number of slots necessary for the amount of people in your party (1 person - 1 slot, 2 people - 2 slots, etc.). Prices will Vary depending on the plan you select with the Doctor. Please Note: All New Clients must call to set an appointment, as we need extended time with you on your first visit.

New Chiropractic Patient

New Patients will come in for a 45 minute evaluation with Dr. Shanti. You will do a few scans, a few tests, and go over your medical history, among other things. The Evaluation is $197.91(the required Hawaii GE Tax is included in that price), and it includes a second report of findings appointment that will be scheduled by the Doctor after your evaluation. Please arrive early to be able to fill out office forms in a timely manner. Mahalo

Magnesphere Session

Magnesphere Sessions are $100 per hour, which can be paid at the time of your appointment. There is also a 6 - session package at $85 per hour (subtotal is $510), and a 12 - session package at $75 per hour (subtotal is $900), both of which must be paid in advance. (All listed prices do not yet include the required GE Tax) Note: If you wish to book a 6 or 12 session package in the magnesphere, all sessions after the first one must be booked in office. Please Note: Wednesday times are reserved exclusively for NEW chiropractic Patients, Magnesphere sessions, and Seminars ONLY. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays we will be more than happy to fit you in if there are open times.